Hello World! I am Vishal and I live in Thane, Maharashtra, India.

From 12 to 24 August 2018; I went on a ride of my life in the Ladakh Himalayas. We covered both Srinagar – Leh and Leh – Manali highways. On the ride we had company of 10 other riders from different parts of the world.

Those 14 days were the blissful days of my life. It is almost one year now; time has flown away so soon, it does not stop for anyone. After returning from the ride, I had thought of writing a travelogue. I could not find time to write down the thoughts at a stretch due to several commitments. However, I continued to write; whenever I got time. Finally decided that I will publish my experiences on the first anniversary of the ride.

I am fortunate to have seen several rivers, some at their origins and confluences, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, star studded skies, jungles, seas and flora and fauna. This riding experience in the Himalayas was a long awaited one and it was coming true of a dream for me.

My Pursuit of Happiness”, refreshes some memories of earlier travel in the Himalayas, talks about preparations made for this riding expedition and narrates the feelings and experiences that I had, while riding in the Ladakh Himalayas. Happy Riding !!

Let’s build something together.