Hello !! I am Vishal and I live in Maharashtra, India. I am a Mumbaikar. I am passionate about my journeys and motorcycle riding. I travel mostly on self-planned itineraries and I love planning my journeys. The whole process is so exciting. I gather information from various sources and avoid guides or bundled / packaged tours as much as possible. This not only helps in planning the journey at my own pace, but also on the economics.

I am fortunate to have been in the Himalayas 3 times, having seen several rivers, their origins and confluences, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, star studded skies, jungles, seas and flora and fauna. It is not only the places I visit, but also about associated history, cultural influences, experiences and above all the interactions with people with whom I meet are the motivations for my travels. For example, when I visited the state of Bihar, almost 20 years ago – I was closely able to see the influences of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In end 2016, during demonetization days, I experienced the helpful nature of people while traveling. My journeys enable me to explore, experience and evolve. The evolution of the mankind happened because of the journeys undertaken.

Through “My Pursuit of Happiness” I am sharing my experiences. If you enjoy what you read, do remember to like and share my posts, provide your feedback through comments and follow my blog.

Let’s build something together.

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