D-day arrived: We are coming, Ladakh

Origin of the journey

A little description of Thane and Mumbai is important as Thane and Mumbai were the starting points of my journey. I live in Thane an immediate neighbor of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. Thane is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world. Thane is surrounded by several lakes – most notable of them being the Masunda Lake (Talao Pali) and the Upvan Lake. For all practical purposes I call myself a “Mumbaikar”. The life here is fast paced and you are always submerged in a sea of people. Thane and Mumbai can be considered to be almost at the Mean Sea Level (MSL). The climate is mostly hot and humid. June to September is the season of South West Monsoon and the cities receive about 2400 MM (95 in) of rains.

Diwali Lights (November 2017)
Diwali Lights (November 2017)
Diwali Lights (November 2017)

11 August 2018 One day before departure

The week before the start of the tour was very hectic. I went to Nashik over the weekend of 4th and 5th August and brought Aai and Baba with me to Thane.

I did nothing on 10th August, not willing to pack my bags. Finally, the dawn of 11 August, the bags must be packed, had to remove some items to manage weight. In the evening got message from Indigo Airlines, about reporting 3 hours earlier, considering the heightened security at the Airport due to upcoming Independence Day. Booked a cab to take me to the domestic airport at 2:15 AM. The rest of the day passed by at its pace !

Had supper in the evening and set up the Alarm clock at 1:30 AM. Got messages and some photographs shared by Pankaj and Chandrakant who were on the way to Delhi from Bhopal. They were to reach Delhi early morning tomorrow and meet me at the airport.