Sayonara फिर मिलेंगे !! Juley, Ladakh

Start of the day (24 August 2018)

The bus reached Chandigarh around 4:30 AM, delayed by almost 2.5 hours. An accident on the road, rains, and bad road had caused the delay.

I was now worried about being able to reach on time to Delhi Airport. The traffic on road had increased considerably. I inquired with the driver of the bus, who advised to get down at a place, on the outskirts of Delhi and catch a taxi from there to the airport.. As per him that was the best chance for me to be able to reach the airport in time.

Delhi to Mumbai

I got down from the bus at 9:40 AM, in just a minute said goodbye to Pankaj, Lalit and Chandrakant . They were also worried about the delay. I immediately boarded a cab and asked the driver to rush to the airport and help me reach before 10:30 AM. From this place airport was about 34 km away and Google Maps showed traveling time of 1 hour.

The taxi driver made best of his effort, driving at pace and helping me reach the airport in time. Then on everything was normal. Got a few minutes to refresh myself before boarding the flight. Flight landed on time at Mumbai airport, at 1:30 PM. From there reached home at 2:30 PM. Everyone was happy to see me back.

Memories of a lifetime
Lord Buddha – Everything is possible through the Lord

Sayonara फिर मिलेंगे !!

At Home
At home

In these last 13 days, we lived a completely different life. A group of 10 riders from different parts of the world came together. We rode about 1500 Kms, and passed through 10 high altitude passes, 4 of which were more than 5000 m. Met the Indus, Shyok and Nubra. Saw two beautiful lakes and the sand dunes of Nubra. I could ride a bike comfortably after 15 years!!

India is very beautiful, diverse and incredible. We witnessed the extraordinary effort of BRO (Border Roads Organization) to maintain the roads in difficult terrain for Ladakh. Salute to them ! Salute to the Indian Armed Forces ! If another chance comes for a ride in Ladakh, I will like to ride to Karakoram pass.

We saw the simplicity, hospitality and welcoming nature of ordinary people of Kashmir and Ladakh. There are hardships, but the people are welcoming and warm !! To me Kashmir and Ladakh are very beautiful and I will definitely go back.

Autumn in Kashmir (A video of J&K Tourism)

I thank Wayne, Teja, Sebastian, Baskar, and Rodney. They made this journey more exciting. They each brought a different perspective to the journey. The nights at Sarchu and Tandi (songs and stories around the world) will be remembered for long.

Ride of My Life team (Kanika, Manish and Gaurav) planned this tour carefully, taking care of all the aspects of the ride. Their safety first approach, really was very helpful. Manish our tour leader, shared his experiences and made us comfortable at difficult times ! Thank you Team ROML.

Chandrakant , Pankaj and Lalit made the experience complete. This journey is a dream come true for all of us. Each one of us had thought of taking up this journey, at different points in time. But we did it together !! I dream to ride through to the Karakoram pass one day!

Good Bye, Sayonara, फिर मिलेंगे !!